The China-U.S. Chamber of Commerce Story.

The China-U.S. Chamber of Commerce (CUSCC) headquartered in New York, New York was founded in 2006 by a group of businessmen led by Mr. Zhiwen Wang. CUSCC was founded with the interest of growing business relationships between China and United States companies. Since its establishment, the CUSCC has been providing its members and the general public with firsthand information relative to how to succeed at conducting business in both China and the United States.
The CUSCC has held various bilateral exchange activities including international investment and trade forums, hosted the arrival of a delegation from China every month and led delegations from the U.S. to China, business conferences, and member enterprise information exchange activities. These efforts are provided to continuously improve the business investment and trade environment of China and the United States and to achieve a win-win solution.

What does the CUSCC do?

  • CUSCC is a non-profit organization that develops channels of open communication and cooperation platforms between the U. S. and China companies, organizations and governments.
  • The CUSCC promotes the interaction and development between U. S. and China companies, government and individuals.
  • CUSCC shares experiences and encourages the international cooperation and innovative abilities of our member companies.
  • CUSCC assists in the public listing and financing of U.S. and China companies.
  • CUSCC provides critical, important and required information in the area of business, policy, and regulation to member companies in a timely and concise manner.
  • CUSCC assists in the protection of the legal rights of member companies against unfair practices.
  • CUSCC provides for its members with sponsorship, cultural exchange, partnership and investment opportunities in China and the United States.

CUSCC Mission Statement and Vision.

The CUSCC will continue to steadily grow and to strengthen relationships and bonds among China and U.S. corporations, organizations and governments.